The following audio examples are representative examples of recordings made at Studio Wormbone, selected to showcase some of the skills and technical abilities available.

Sound Design

"Liquid Analog Embellishments" Demo

Song section from the band "Jupe Jupe" that's densely layered with atonal electro percussion sounds.

Texture bed sound FX consisting of drones and evolving soundscapes, again pulled from the uniquely recorded archives.

"Unintelligible Voices" demo clip


This exerpt has four song sections from an album by the band "Jupe Jupe" recorded in 2009. Most instruments were tracked, and all of the production and mixing was done at Studio WB.

A short electronic song created for the promotion of a commercial Studio Wormbone soundpack release, which can be found online here.


The first two-and-a-quarter minutes of this song are an ambient intro, followed by a mellow electric guitar tune layered with synths and sampled percussion. Written and performed by Trevor Dutton.

A quirky electronic song from Trevor's fifth solo album.

A 30 second hard rock song created as an excercise in stylistic variety.


Remix of a song originally co-written by Trevor. In this version all instruments (drum programing, synths, hammered dulcimer, and bass guitar) were played by him.

A song taken from the second album of the band "Maximum Coherence". In this song Trevor plays bass guitar.