Dec 052012

This is a little ditty written . . . well, programmed . . . well, CREATED by well known sound designer Richard Devine.

I thoroughly enjoy his music but since getting the latest cd RISP I’ve been struggling to find the appropriate space to give it the repeated listens it deserves.  As with most artists that push the boundaries of normal, this is definitely not casual mood music.  It’s not background music, and definitely not family time music.  It’s a little too distracting and intellectual for the car.  It’s not quite dark or angry enough to get angst-y to.  ‘Taint pick-me-up-happy-go-lucky stuff for sure.  Perhaps it’s because this is meant to be focused, intentional, ‘set everything else aside for the duration’ listening that I’ve been struggling to work it into my daily routine.  Hopefully I’ll have the luxury to be able to devote the resources to enjoying it fully sometime soon!


From Richard:

Patch experiment trying to use just a few LFO’s synced together at very slow rates to generate a loose arrangement of triggered square wave pulses. These pulses where sent out to a few voices on the delptronics
ldb-1e and the DrumDokta & “Clap” Breakout running through a MakeNoise Phonogene/Echophon delay. FM swells courtesy of the MakeNoise DPO and Intellijel Rubicon, ran through a Strymon TimeLine delay pedal. Haunting drones coming from the Cycle Box II and WMD wave gamma.

Nov 212012

These are two screenshot time lapse videos of part of the production process for a Euro Pop song I’ve been working on called ‘Feels So Good’ by Jay Pinto and Ilana Harkavy.  It shows a condensed glimpse of adding synth parts to the project layout, editing midi and audio, balancing levels, applying and automating effects, auditioning and importing audio parts to the project layout, pitch and time stretching, etc.