Mar 062013

Someone once said that listening to an album release from the Pleasure Boat Records label is like listening to a fat sack of earworms.  This I can verify.  I have yet to hear a track from PBR that wasn’t deserving of attention.  Much of it is electronic instrumentals and freely downloadable too!  No excuses – go git yourself some pleasure.


Jan 252013

Hold tight for some NAMM headline posts coming soon . . .

First up is an interesting article about the occurrence of midi jitter in some host DAWs.  There have been times in my experience when I suspected something of this sort in the past.  After recording a satisfactory midi performance sometimes the playback would seem ‘looser’ than what was played.  I’d have to ask myself “I’m not a pro drummer, but I’m not THAT bad am I?!?!?”

This definitely warrants a refamiliarizing with all of the behind the scenes preference settings.