Jul 312012

This documentary is a worthwhile watch if you’re interested in contemporary creativity.  It centers mostly on electronic music and film.  It’s packed full of insightful interview bits and performance clips, though most of the commentators are non mainstream artists and producers – which I find very refreshing personally.  Enjoy!

Jul 302012

Hey folks!  It’s been a little slow here at Wormbone Blog HQ for the past week or so.  This is partly because the finishing touches on some new projects have been in development behind closed doors, and partly because it’s just been a slow time for electronic music news lately.  Rest assured though that there will be some awesome sauce headed your way soon.  Expect more top tier artist interviews, product release announcements, remix contests, tutorials, instrument/gear reviews, and more postings under my personal favorite category – Unclassifiable Yet Interesting.

To get your mouths watering here’s a teaser about the next Studio Wormbone sound pack, launching this week:  we’ve finally jumped on the Dubstep bandwagon!  Git ‘yer basses ready to wobble obscenely.  And warn your neighbors that it WILL be loud.  Because some of these sounds ain’t gonna be polite.

Jul 242012

This is a video tutorial on how to make dubstep.  Even if you’re not into this genre per se, these techniques can be applied to other electronic music as well.  It’s a long video packed with excellent production tips and tricks.  Making a bass sound ‘wobble’ using synced rhythmic automation on the filter cutoff isn’t new at this point, but I liked the notion of using the same automation idea in other ways.  For instance varying the parameters in a bitcrushing plugin.  I also liked the idea of using a stutter effect routed to an effect send for stuttering multiple instruments simultaneously.  Nice!

Jul 232012

OK, here’s something that most of us take for granted.  But almost everyone who works with audio will have to deal with it at some point or another.  It’s definitely worth some attention to PROTECT YOUR HEAR HOLES!


Jul 212012

Here’s a link to a well written article (or rather a series of articles) about creative drum programming from Sound On Sound online magazine.  Many of these techniques and more go into Studio Wormbone sound packs like Mutated Drum Bundle.


If you haven’t perused the Sound On Sound archives yet, you’re in for an informative treat.  For many years now they’ve published excellent articles on many facets of electronic music making.  Set aside a weekend (or two, or three) to dig into their offerings.  Earn yourself a PhD in techno!