Mar 062013

Someone once said that listening to an album release from the Pleasure Boat Records label is like listening to a fat sack of earworms.  This I can verify.  I have yet to hear a track from PBR that wasn’t deserving of attention.  Much of it is electronic instrumentals and freely downloadable too!  No excuses – go git yourself some pleasure.


Oct 072012

Just a reminder: there’s only one more week to go before the end of the current Studio Wormbone sound pack remix contest!  Find the guidelines for the contest and download instructions for your free copy of the sound pack here.  A week should still be enough time to grab the free sounds and put together your entry song, but don’t wait too long!

Aug 272012

The following are guidelines for the upcoming Studio Wormbone sound pack label remix contest.  The contestants will create a musical song using only the sound files within a digitally downloadable (as yet unreleased) Studio Wormbone sound library product.  Every musician who enters will be given a complimentary copy of the product to use for the purpose of this contest, and is allowed to continue to use it royalty free in their own musical productions outside of the contest.  The winning song will be used as the demo track for the sound pack product advertising, and the wining artist will receive written songwriting credit in the product description.  Product demo songs of this kind recieve a huge number of online plays and the product launch will also be announced through promotional newsletter emails which are sent to tens of thousands of recipients.  This is a great chance to gain exposure as an artist.

Musical submissions must use ONLY the files included in the sound pack.  (For an overview of these sounds read the product description below.)  Additional processing like minor EQ, pitch, compression, reverb and editing are allowed but should be kept to a minimum.  The purpose of the song is to display the sounds as they already exist.  Overuse of additional processing will detract from the possibility of being selected as the winner.

Entries need to be between 2-4 minutes in length.

The genre, style, and mood are entirely up to the artist.

The geographical range of the contest is worldwide.

All remixes are and will remain the property of the artists.

Contestants must follow the terms of the Studio Wormbone license agreement (as do all users of Studio Wormbone products).  Submittal of a remix for consideration assumes that the contestant has read and understood these terms in the included PDF agreement, which states that Studio Wormbone sound files can be used in musical compositions only – not for resale – and is legally binding by the laws of the USA.

The file format for this release is WAV.

To enter, contact info(at)studiowormbone(dot)com for instructions on downloading the source material.

Multiple song submissions per artist will be accepted.  Final submissions should be emailed one at a time to remix(at)studiowormbone(dot)com in high resolution MP3 format.  MP3 files should be named as follows:

Degenerate Synthesis Demo (artist name) remix 01

The deadline for entry will be midnight US Pacific Standard Time on Sunday October 14, 2012.  Songs received after this time will be invalid to enter.

The final selection will be made by Studio Wormbone within one week after the entry deadline and the winning artist will be notified by email at that time.  The sound pack product will be officially launched within one week of the competition’s end.

You can hear demo songs for previously released Studio Wormbone sound packs here –

For more info about Studio Wormbone go to

Good Luck!


Degenerate Synthesis Product Description

Degenerate Synthesis is a blatant abuse of the techno art form.  This package is a robust construction kit of blatantly bold bass lines, barely recognizable post apocalyptic synths, sociopathic drums, violently cutting edge one shot hits, unhinged FX loops, and blunt force samples.  The warped minds at Studio Wormbone have pushed technology well into crisis mode for your pleasure with this release.  It achieves a culmination of sick creativity and punishing brutality.  There’s no turning back now, people.

Uncontrollable idiosyncratic analogs, serial compressor slamming, daisy chained multi-band distortions, modulated de-resolutions, glitching stacked on glitching . . . this is nothing short of the Inquisition for electronic instruments.  Torture them until they reveal their deepest confessions, their dirty secrets.  There is beauty in ugliness and truth in trauma.  Modern music never sounded so vividly disconcerting!

Product Contents:
30 Mis-calibrated Drum Loops
30 Brash Bass Loops
30 Heinous FX Loops
100 Decrepit One Shot Hits
30  Bedraggled Samples
30 Actively Decomposing Synth Loops

All loops are 130BPM.  There are also many ‘companion files’ within this product, meaning that two (or more) loops with a similar file name will already musically fit together for construction kit style layering.  For instance Mind Melting Drum Loop in the drum folder would already be matched for key and rhythmic feel to playback cooperatively with the file Mind Melting Synth Loop in the synth folder.  These are intended as song layer suggestions.

Extensive use of exotic cutting edge hardware and software went into the development of these sounds to make your next project inventive, far-sighted, and mind-blisteringly innovative.

Files are provided in WAV 24-Bit/44.1kHz resolution, and are of course Royalty-Free.  Where appropriate the tempo and key center are listed in the file name for easy integration into your favorite DAW.
Every sample has been professionally recorded, edited, sliced, and mastered with the utmost care and is usable with every major audio software program (Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Sonar, FL Studio, Sony Acid, Garageband, Ableton Live, Reason). All sounds are compatible cross-platform with either Mac or PC.

About The Creator:
Studio Wormbone is a compact and efficient state-of-the-art recording and production facility located in a quiet forest setting just outside the Emerald City of Seattle Washington, USA. Owned and managed by sound designer/producer Trevor Dutton, its resources specialise in all aspects of electronic music and cutting-edge audio production.

Demo Song:
The demo song for this product was skillfully provided by (artist name).

Apr 302012

Follow the link and click on the Free Demo Pack to try a taste of the Barbed Wire Ear Candy sound pack!  These are a few hand picked free sounds from the rest of the hard edged, abrasive, harsh and bold yet musical samples.  While there why not give a listen to the audio previews to hear what this collection can sound like in a musical context.

Mar 182012

Here you can find a small taste of 20 exclusive free sounds:

Studio Wormbone Abstract Voice pack | Cyberworm’s sample blog.

If you like these sounds, also see the sample library -