Jul 302012

Hey folks!  It’s been a little slow here at Wormbone Blog HQ for the past week or so.  This is partly because the finishing touches on some new projects have been in development behind closed doors, and partly because it’s just been a slow time for electronic music news lately.  Rest assured though that there will be some awesome sauce headed your way soon.  Expect more top tier artist interviews, product release announcements, remix contests, tutorials, instrument/gear reviews, and more postings under my personal favorite category – Unclassifiable Yet Interesting.

To get your mouths watering here’s a teaser about the next Studio Wormbone sound pack, launching this week:  we’ve finally jumped on the Dubstep bandwagon!  Git ‘yer basses ready to wobble obscenely.  And warn your neighbors that it WILL be loud.  Because some of these sounds ain’t gonna be polite.

Jun 272012

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Just look at the damn Frequently Asked Questions page, K?

Jun 252012

OK, this is the wave of the future for audio production preamp/dynamics/EQ hardware equipment – 500 series audio gear in the modular ‘Lunchbox’ style format.  If you haven’t yet heard of this then there’s an explanatory article in Mix Magazine here.  For small studios like Wormbone this idea has far too many advantages to be ignored.  It’s space efficient, cost effective, and versatile.  It’s based around the idea of mix ‘N’ matching your own channel strips and/or signal chains using small modules that share a common chassis and power source.  The case can be a portable desktop version with a handle or standard 19 inch rack mountable.  Though this format has only been around for about six years now it’s virtues have been embraced by leading manufacturers and as a result the list of brands available for it has exploded.  Hence making it all the more attractive for us studio rats to head in the modular direction with future gear investments.  You can expect to see Studio Wormbone’s preamp, compressor, and equalization racks going modular down the road (or at the very least the hardware preamps since almost everything else is software based these days).  In retrospect this is the exact same notion that launched the rack revolution for synthesizers twenty years ago, and modular synthesis fifty years ago!  C’mon sound engineers, it’s about damn time you caught up.  I for one am certainly glad that it did.


May 212012

This is a chaotic and dense yet forwardly propelled and playfully upbeat live set from a performance The Naturebot gave on 10-16-09.  You can grab it for your very own by clicking on the Download link to the upper left of the waveform here -



Mar 152012

Greetings Everyone,

Welcome to the new Studio Wormone Blog.  This site is intended to act as an informational resource for people who are passionate about music and sound.  Here you’ll find discussions about production techniques, gear and software reviews, educational tutorials, industry related current events, and artist interviews.  Whether you’re into tweaking the sweet spot on your modular synth, creating wickedly inventive sound effects for the next Hollywood blockbuster, or performing a techno set with your laptop it will all be covered here.

So now that the proverbial champagne bottle has christened the bow of this mighty new vessel, let’s get to the music makin’ . . .